Our Presenters


All of our presenters are passionate about music. We are a mixed bunch some of us are old hands who have worked in the radio business for years (not too many years mind you!) and some of us are just new to radio and are cutting our teeth at Choice FM.

Some of our broadcasters.

  • Bernie Jameson

  • Paul Bradley

  • Daragh O Sullivan

  • Enda Caldwell

  • Rob G

  • Anna O Flanagan

  • Eamon Carr

  • David Dennehey

  • Avril Keogh

  • Ian Garland

  • Ryan O Neill

  • Kevin Branigan

  • Shay Healy

  • Lisa Jolie

  • Mick Doyle

  • Ian Garland

  • Garv Rigby

  • Mike Ormonde

  • Des Fitzpatrick

  • Paul McNamara

  • Chris Young

  • Gordon Hayden

  • Paul Ormonde

  • Eamon Torsney

  • Clodagh Lynam

  • Sinead Lynch

If youd like to contact any of our team, email: firstname@choicefmdublin.com or studio@choicefmdublin.com.

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